Music by P. Tchaikovsky.
Choreography by L. Ivanov

Redaction of A. Ploom.
Libretto by M. Petipa.
Based on the story of E. Hoffmann «The Nutcracker and the Mouse King».
Premiered on December 6, 1892 in Saint-Petersburg at Mariinsky Theatre.
Ballet in 2 acts with prologue.



  • Masha, the Princess

  • The Nutcracker, the Prince

  • Drosselmeyer

  • Stahlbaum

  • Stahlbaum

  • Fritz

  • The Mouse King


Christmas Eve. Guests come to the beautiful house of Dr. Stahlbaum. Dr. Stahlbaum's children, Masha and Fritz, are waiting for presents with other children. The last of the guests is Drosselmeyer. His ability to revive toys amuses and scares children. Drosselmeyer removes the mask. Masha and Fritz recognize their godfather. Masha wants to play with the dolls, but finds out that they are gone. Godfather gives her the Nutcracker to calm the girl down. A strange expression on the face of the doll amuses her. Fritz accidentally breaks the doll, and Masha is upset. Drosselmeyer repairs the Nutcracker and Masha puts him to sleep.

The holiday ends. The guests dance the traditional dance "Gross-Vater", after which everyone goes home. Night falls and the room with the Christmas tree is filled with moonlight. Masha returns and hugs the Nutcracker. And then Drosselmeyer appears. Now he is not a godfather, he is a good wizard. He flaps his hand, and everything in the room begins to change: the walls move apart, the Christmas tree begins to grow.

Suddenly, mice appear with the Mouse King at the front. The brave Nutcracker leads the soldiers into battle.

The Nutcracker and the Mouse King meet in a deadly battle. Masha sees that the army of mice is superior to the army of soldiers. In desperation, she takes off her shoe and throws it with all her strength at the Mouse King. The King is defeated.

The Nutcracker turns into a beautiful Prince. Snowflakes are circling around. Masha and the Prince are picked up by a snow whirlwind and taken to a fairy-tale country.

Everyone dances, has fun and celebrates victory over the mouse army. Spanish, Arabic, Chinese and Russian dolls welcome Masha and the Prince.

Masha wakes up, and the Nutcracker is still in her hands. She sits in a familiar room. It was just a beautiful dream ...


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